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Concrete Refinishing And Spraying in GTA

After years of use, your concrete will need to be refinished to give it a brand new look. At Morco Foundations, we refinish driveways, pools, porches and more with high quality concrete and textured colour sprays. We also offer quality exterior painting that is guaranteed to last a long time. Apart from that, we take extra care to make sure that you have durable concrete surfaces that will work for years to come. No matter if you are looking to give your home or business a new look, or just want to improve the look of your old concrete, our concrete refinishing services can help.


If you have a surface area that needs work, contact the professionals. We refinish a wide variety of concrete surfaces and are committed to providing you with high quality and efficient work. Contact our team today to get more info on concrete refinishing services in the GTA.


Concrete finishing

Texture spray unlimited colours

Exterior painting



Concrete walls

Concrete pads and slabs

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